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When we first arrived in Tanganyika my Dad was very interested in the local Africans and the different tribes that inhabited the neighboring area. This often meant that he asked to photograph the Africans that we met.


These young men, I believe, belong to the Wagogo tribe whose land surrounded Dodoma.


Another tribesman photographed by my Father.


A young man and his wife.


Once a year the tribesman gathered in the regional Administrative Building in Dodoma (known as the "Boma") where they would have a gathering with dancing. Here is a small group warming-up.



Later on the same day - now there are hundreds of tribesmen and the dancing has become more difficult.





My Dad would often stop the car to take a picture of people that we met on the road - usually with the present of some cash.


Here is me with a tribesman - I am on the right!


Here we are - two family groups.