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Dar es Salaam

Dar-es-Salaam was the capital of Tanganyika and my father's new job was in the Department of Labour Headquarters. Once again we were allocated housing in the town.

A big advantage of living in Dar-es-Salaam as far as us children were concerned was the access to the lovely beaches.

While we were in Dar my younger sister was born.


This was our second house in Dar. It was quite near to the town centre and had been built during the German occupation before the first world war.


Here is one the many beaches which we frequented in Dar. My brother is in the distance "helping" the fisherman to push their boat up the beach.



Here is my Mum with my new baby sister.




Here we are on the beach - my new baby sister, Mum, brother, sister and me.


Here is the whole family with one of our friends holding my younger sister.

During this time in Dar we moved to another house further away from the town centre in the suburb of Oyster Bay. Here is my class at Oyster Bay Primary School. I am at the bottom left.

In 1959 my father was transferred to a new job in the inland town of Iringa.