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Dar-es-Salaam 1962 to 65

During this period my brother and I would travel from the UK to Dar-es-Salaam by plane for the summer holidays and sometimes also for Christmas. Otherwise we would stay at school over the holidays.

These photos were taken during these holidays in Dar.


My Mum, Dad and sisters at the beach.


Another house that we had in Dar with another excellent bike.


My elder sister and her then boyfriend (who worked for his father's car business) entered the concourse d'elegance with his MG held at State House. My little sister had to be involved.



Another of our houses in Dar-es-Salaam - note the purple-flowered bouganvillia which grew very well in Dar.




My Dad and Mum at a function at State House.



At the beach.

We were able to hire these palm leaf huts at one of the better beaches close to Dar.

Later on when my Dad's income improved we were able to rent a substantial beach house which my Mum and Dad used for entertaining their friends.