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While living in Tanganyika and Tanzania we spent some time during the holidays visiting the sights and the game reserves.

Most of the records of these trips were captured on cine film. Here are a few of the photos from these trips.


As my Dad was a government employee he was entitled to stay at the government maintained Guest Houses which were located in many of the more remote places where there was no alternative accommodation. Here is my Mum outside one of these Guest Houses.


Here is my Dad at the same Guest House.


Here is my brother on the suspension foot bridge in the town of Kondoa. My Dad, my brother and I were on a safari trip from Dar visiting Dodoma, Kondoa, Ngorongoro Crater and Moshi (just below Mount Kilimanjaro).


Here are some zebra's - I think this is at Ngorongoro Crater.


Also at Ngorongoro.


My brother looking down from the Crater rim at the animals below. We stayed in a hotel on the Crater rim which had a central restaurant with the rooms consisting of log cabins.


Inside the Crater.



Another trip where we encountered an ostrich while travelling.



This zebra is probably in the Nairobi Game Park which is adjacent to the city.


A lioness in Nairobi Game Park.


This Lake Manyara hotel on the escarpment above Lake Manyara game reserve. We stayed here on a family holiday.


Lions in Lake Manyara game reserve. The lions in this reserve frequently climb the trees which is unusual.


My younger sister and I at Lushoto. This is a town in the mountains quite near to the coast which used to be a resort in the colonial days as the cooler air in the mountains was seen as a respite from the heat of the coast.