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Dar 1965 to 69

During these years I completed my O levels at boarding school and then went on to Further Education College and to Polytechnic where I studied for a degree in Electronic Engineering.

During these years my brother an I continued to travel to Tanzania at least once a year for holidays.

These photos give an idea of life for expatriates during this time.


During this period my parents lived in a lovely house next door to State House ( the official residence of the President) next to the beach adjacent to the horbour entrance.


My father was by this time working for the Tanzanian government on the development of government administration staff. He and my Mum attended many official functions such as this.

While on holiday I was able to live the life of a "rich kid". Here I am with my own runabout - a Cortina GT.

With my Dad and Mum on the cliffs at Oyster Bay in Dar.


Christmas Day at our beach house with family friends.


Messing about with a boat at the Beach House.


More drinking at the Beach House.


My Dad loved messing about in boats - this is a boat he had for several years .


My Mum and Dad at the beach close to the Beach House. I believe that these years they spent in Dar-es-Salaam were some of the best of their lives.