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UK Leave 1965

By the mid to late 1960's most of our travel between Tanzania and the UK was by plane. However, in 1965 my parents decided to take the opportunity to travel to the UK for their leave by ship, as the passenger ship lines were about to withdraw their services.

My brother and I left boarding school at the end of the summer term and flew to Dar for the summer holidays. Towards the end of the holiday we sailed back to the UK on the British India line Kenya.




The British India line had regular passenger services to Africa and to India and the far east. Two ships operated from the UK to East Africa - the Kenya and the Uganda.

We sailed on the Kenya - one of its last trips before the service was withdrawn.


Here is the Kenya at anchor in Dar-es-Salaam harbour.


My brother on the Kenya before we left Dar.


The first port of call was Mombasa. This is Fort Jesus, an old Arab fortress at Mombasa.


Another view of Fort Jesus. My sister is looking apprehensive because the room behind her was in complete darkness.




Sailing from Mombasa.


Refuelling the ship at Aden.

When the ship was due to leave there was a dispute with the Aden harbour mooring staff and they refused to release the mooring lines. Eventually the ship's engines were used to break the lines so we could sail.



Travelling through the Suez Canal.

The small boat in the foreground belonged to the "Gulli-Gulli" man who was a magician who performed shows while the ship passed through the canal. My brother was persuaded to go on stage to have baby chickens magically produced from inside his shirt.


Barcelona where we visited a replica of Christopher Colombus' ship the Santa Maria.

Gibraltar, the last stop before we arrived at Southampton.